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MTC Modellbau®: Only the best, the best + 1

Our added value for you:

The MTC Elevator System:
At the push of a button on the model, you can raise the top floor and all other floors individually so that the floor plan of the units can be seen. All units are furnished and equipped accordingly. The viewer not only sees a grandiose model in the best craftsmanship, can even look at the inner workings, which are recreated 1: 1 on the basis of the renderings. Also particularly suitable for shopping centers, hospitals, hotels and airports. Only the best, for the best projects! Extreme detailed work for a fascination. The control is carried out by buttons on the model, as well as by a tablet in your CI – the show begins.

The Individual Light Control:
The individual units that are reserved, sold or available, for example, can be highlighted with different colors via tablet control. In this way, the interested party has a concrete overview of which units are still available. Each unit can be assigned as required.